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The role of hand shape gymnastics in hand recreation – Krisztina Puskás Hand Recreation

What should you know about hand shape gymnastics?
This blog entry was written based on the Puskás Kriszti Hand Recreation.
I have been dealing with hand signals for 10 years now.
In the past 4 years, I have broken down human movement into its elements and systematized it in the www.tevagyajel.hu application.
Currently, 166 different filters in the web application support personalized developments.
1. Finger positions
I consider hand shapes to be the basis of our movement, since our hands and fingers can move in the most diverse ways on our body.
I distinguished four basic finger positions:
– closed
– curved
– bent and
– opened.
In the case of all hand shapes, it is possible to clearly determine the position of each finger. The combinations of the above four finger positions on different fingers (on one hand) give the individual hand shapes.
The definition of hand shape is even simpler: how our fingers can stand on a hand.
So far, I have entered 169 hand forms into the system, which can be found in the web application www.tevagyajel.hu. The hand shapes have a name, which names were created consistently, each of them has a picture and a readable definition for each of them. The image below shows the data sheet of a hand shape.

2. Filtering hand shapes
The hand is a part of our body capable of highly differentiated movement. In order to be able to develop it as purposefully as possible, I created a special filter within the application, where you can set individual finger positions and search for hand shapes in a targeted manner. This is available by subscription in the Education / Handshapes menu.

3. Group-forming hand shapes
In order to make the system of hand shapes better transparent, I classified the hand shapes that are only slightly different from each other into groups, currently I have distinguished 30 such grouping hand shapes.

4. Handicraft tournament
Finger movements between two hand forms are called hand form gymnastics.
The practitioner of the hand form exercise determined the intended hand forms
– in order,
– for time and/or number of repetitions
– it must be shown in compliance with well-defined rules.
Individualized hand gymnastics exercises purposefully help to relieve overloaded hands (e.g.: 8 hours a day of office work, monotonous manual work) and recreation. You can find more information about hand recreation recommended for companies here. Personal survey, or in case of compiling a unique development line, call the phone number +36-20-93-69-814 or write an e-mail to the e-mail address info@tevagyajel.hu.

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