Sign-Sender Complex phonomimic ABC

Creator of the method of complex phonomimics is Dr. Margit Fazekasné Fenyvesi, titular professor emeritus. The method helps to develop the technical part of reading, secure sound / letter association, collation, and the development of continuous reading. Each letter can be associated with a series of movements or gestures that help to recall the letters of the alphabet in a visual way. The signs of the complex phonomimic alphabet capture features related to the shape and pronunciation of the letter. To achieve a close association, movements or sequences of movements were used that can be associated with auditive, visual and motor associations at the same time. One-digit consonants are shown with one hand, two-digit consonants with two hands. When performing the movements, the children should always use their left hand, according to the reading progression. Source: Dr. Margit Fazekasné Fenyvesi, Learning to read with phonomimics, Szegedi Egyetemi Kiadó, JGYF Kiadó, Szeged, 2019.
I wish you many, many moments of joy in learning this method! – Kriszti
Additional hand-signs can be found in the modules SIGN-WORD-TREASURE and CULTURAL TREASURE in the EDUCATION menu.