SIGN-WORD-TREASURE is a special dictionary that contains, in addition to video recordings of hand-signs, a range of other information describing the sign.
By means of the “Wordsearch” you can search for signs related to specific words or phrases, while using the “Advanced search” you can search the database by 66 different criteria – even combining the elements. Thanks to a wide range of filters, you can personalize the improvements with extreme precision. By default, you will see 24 SIGN-WORD-TREASURE, after the free registration you will have 44 and with a subscription you can have 404. Lessons related to handshapes (Education, Handshapes) are available by subscription. By clicking twice on the video, you can view it in larger size. It might be worth scrolling down the page before filtering, so that you can first let have a view of the individual data sheets of the signs you can access by clicking on certain “Read more” buttons.  Good learning! 
The English Sign-Word-Treasure
interface is expected to be filled with data in the next development phase. The Hungarian “Jel-Szó-Kincs” interface can be tested and used. You can watch a 15-minute video on how the web application works with English subtitles here.



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