Cultural Treasury

The Cultural Treasury includes songs, sayings and riddles with signs. I highlight the most important words and phrases from certain works, which you can click on to go to the Sign-Word-Treasure interface, where you can watch a video of the sign and find related information. By default, you will see three Cultural Treasures, after the free registration you will have 14 and with a subscription you can have 122. Lessons related to handshapes (Education, Handshapes) are available by subscription. Clicking twice on the video on the Sign-Word-Treasure interface allows you to view it in larger size. You may want to scroll down before you make your filter settings so that you can see the treasures available to you first! Good learning!
The uploading of the Cultural Treasury interface with English content is expected in the next development phase.
You can watch a 15-minute video on how the web application works with English subtitles here.


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If you don’t find the sign, give us a suggestion to add it to the list.